EMDR Experiential Consultation Program

A learning experience designed for EMDR therapists seeking a deeper, more personal understanding of EMDR therapy phases and procedures, and for Consultants in Training seeking a richer, more confident grasp of teaching EMDR therapy. Whether you're just starting or looking to enhance your existing skills, this program offers something truly special.

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Just how badass of a therapist you'd be to the clients you work with if you just got it. Down to the cellular level, you get what's going on. You've been there, you know where they're about to step next.


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EMDR Experiential Consultation is designed for EMDR therapists seeking a deeper, more personal understanding of EMDR therapy phases and procedures.

Consultation will include specialized discussions and support relating to both foundational and advanced concepts of EMDR; including EMDR intensives, IFS-Informed EMDR, and attachment/somatically-focused EMDR.  

The program will take place January-May 2025 and includes a cohort for those seeking to become EMDR Certified and those who are CITs seeking Approved Consultant status. 

Certification Cohort

Consultees seeking Certification will actively participate in the phases of EMDR from the client's perspective to fully immerse themselves in the EMDR experience, enhance comprehension of EMDR, and engage in reflection of the mind-body experience of EMDR.

Individual consultation for Certification is offered in 3-hour sessions to provide a more enriching learning experience and allow participants to experience the intensive process from the client’s perspective.

The program includes the 20 hours needed to submit for Certification. 

Consultant-In-Training Cohort

Consultants-In-Training (CIT) seeking Approved Consultant status will actively participate in Experiential Consultation-of-Consultation to guide them through a reflective and comprehensive understanding of their teaching style as a consultant and to immerse themselves in the process of teaching EMDR to consultees. 

Group Consultation-of-Consultation will include role-play and active practicing of reflective, experiential techniques to embody the art of teaching EMDR. 

The program includes the 20 hours needed to submit for Approved Consultant. 

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